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Speedy Pete’s electric bikes in Lincoln, NE will change the way you ride. Give your ride a little jolt of energy with our e-bikes and watch your commute turn into the best part of your day.




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Haul in your gear, haul out your gear. All in one trip. Elk, deer, turkey, coyotes – whether you’re rifle hunting in the mountains or bowhunting the backwoods, QuietKat electric bikes can be accessorized for any adventure. With bike trailers, bags, racks, and more, you can carry all the gear you need for a successful hunt.

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Interested in checking out why the e-bike movement is gaining so much traction? Stop by our shop at 4811 Van Dorn Street for a free test ride. We have the largest selection of electric bikes in Lincoln, NE as well as the entire Midwest. Whether its cruising, adventures, or commuting, we have the e-bike for you.

Bintelli Trio Electric Trike

The Trio is the first electric tricycle in the Bintelli fleet, and it does not disappoint! Made for stability and ease of use, the Trio comes equipped with BTA (Bintelli Turn Assist) for easy maneuvering. Front and rear cargo baskets are also standard features and the step-through design makes it a comfortable and easy etrike for anyone. This electric tricycle is great for adults of all ages and especially seniors. 

Bintelli Trio Electric Trike

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Try an electric bike. You’ll love it we promise.

Take one of our e-bikes out for a spin, and you’ll see why everyone loves them. If you’re up for a fun adventure, stop by our shop in Lincoln and rent one for yourself or rent several for you and your friends. We are sure you will be converted to the e-bike scene. You can even hop right on the bike trail from our store!

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Chip Johnson shares how he keeps going despite some road-bumps along his biking journey.

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