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Choosing the perfect Ebike

Jul 7, 2021 | News



Steps to finding the perfect eBike

Steps to finding the perfect eBike

There is a bewildering array of e-bikes in the marketplace these days, so how do you wade through them all in order to find the one that is best for you? Here at Speedy Pete’s, we specialize in matching your riding needs with the perfect bike.

There are several kinds of research you can do to help inform your decision-making. The first – and most important – is personal. Asking yourself questions about where you want to ride, how much assistance you’d like to have at hand, what your current level of riding is, and what kind of features might be important to you, will go a long way toward helping you narrow down the field for more in-depth comparisons.

You can also “ask around”. If you have friends, family or neighbors that already own e-bikes, asking their honest opinion is helpful. They can share what the pros and cons of their own bikes are, what their wish list would include if they could do it over, and if those opinions have changed the more they ride their bikes.

Lastly, the internet has a wealth of reviews, tests and “Top” lists for you to search. For example, if you know you want a bike to carry groceries on, or one to do long road rides, you can look for
recommendations from other riders on message boards and fan pages.

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Research is useful, but nothing compares to experiencing a bike in person! Here in the store we can answer more of your questions and explain the features in more detail. We can have you stand over various frame sizes to see where you fit best. We can discuss any limitations like injury or pain points to determine whether a step-thru geometry is best, or if swept-back handlebars will be more comfortable. We can talk about how and where you’ll ride, to help you decide if you need racks, fenders, a different saddle, or other specific features. We’re happy to talk about the electronic technology so that you understand it and feel confident that you’re making an informed choice. After we’ve focused in on what bikes we think could be good, we love to send you out to ride a few of them – to get a real feel for what makes an e-bike such a unique experience! There is no single bike that is right for every rider, so taking them for a spin lets you give us feedback on how the suggestions we’re making are working for you.

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Once you’ve made your choice, and claimed the bike that you’re excited about, we’re going to go over it from end-to-end, to ensure that it’s completely ready for you to ride when it goes out the door. Heck, you can even ride it home if you want! We stand behind every bike we sell, with a full-service warranty shop and trained/certified mechanics with decades of experience. We encourage you to bring it by for any adjustments that will make your ride better, and included in your purchase is a full check-over by the end of your first year to make sure it’s still running like a dream. ENJOY

The most important part of owning an e-bike is having fun on it! Not worrying about headwinds or hills makes it so much more enjoyable to just go exploring – see what your area has to offer! Pack a picnic to share at a new park – stop for some ice cream on East Campus – take in the sunset from a peak point – or just cruise and feel the wind in your face. Whatever you do, be sure to ENJOY THE RIDE!

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Tips and terms

Rear / Hub drives:
Generally found on most affordable bikes, offers throttle with pedal assist. Similar to a manual transmission, it provides more of a “zipline” feel boost of assistance.

Mid drives:

Closer to natural feel of traditional bikes, torque sensors tell the bike how much assistance you need. Rider can fine-tune to get the most battery range. Similar to an automatic transition – smoothly goes up and down depending on factors like terrain.

Step-Over Frame:

Has a top tube, or crossbar, making it necessary for rider to lift/throw their leg over the bike to mount.

Step-Thru Frame:

Has no (or very low) top tube, so rider can step through the frame of the bike to mount.


Different types of Riding

For Recreation:
* Ride with friends
* Explore new places
* Fresh air & sun
* Make errands enjoyable

For Fitness:
* Steady heart rate
* Longer rides
* More likely to want to ride

For Mobility:
* Overcome previous injuries
* Great for joints
* Minimize age-related factors

For Commuting:
* Arrive Fresh
* Avoid traffic stress
* Save gas money
* Reduce carbon emissions

Visit us for a test ride!

Did you know that we offer test rides? Take the eBike of your choice out for a ride.
You can jump right on the trail that runs next to the shop.