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DIY E-Bike ‘Musts’ for Spring Service

Apr 13, 2021 | News

DIY E-Bike ‘Musts’ for Spring Service

Spring DIY 'Musts' Electric bike

Some riders like to work on their bikes themselves, so if you are the DIY type, there are some important things to be sure you do! Go over ALL fasteners to ensure they’re snugged down tight. Pay special attention to: axle nuts, fender stays, brake mounts, stem nuts and crank nuts.

Tire Pressure
Tires are porous by nature and will lose pressure over time, whether being ridden often or after being in storage, so you’ll likely need to air up before riding this Spring. We recommend keeping tires between 40-60 psi, but you can find your own tires’ recommended pressure range printed on the sidewall.

Examine your chain to ensure there’s no rust, mud, or stiff links and to ensure that it’s adequately lubricated. Be sure to use the same lubricant you normally do, or if this is new to you we have several quality, affordable options at the shop we can get you started with.

To see if your stem is tight enough, begin by standing in front of the bike (facing back toward your seat). Put your legs on either side of the front wheel to hold it in place, and wiggle the handlebars back and forth, to see if the bar moves when the wheel is held still.

Seat Post
Put your full weight on the saddle to make sure the seat post lever is tight, and still at a comfy height.

Use firm, downward pressure on the handlebars to make sure they don’t slip down into the stem.

Check spoke tension by tapping lightly with a screwdriver or similar metal rod and listen to see if any sound significantly higher or lower pitched than the rest. If so, take it to a repair shop!

Brake Levers
When you pull your brake levers, make sure they do no go in all the way to the handlebar. If they do, they need to be adjusted at the shop. Mechanical / Hydraulic brakes have different needs to fix.

Brake Pads
Examine your brake pads to see how much of them are left. Replace if there is significant wear.

Finally, find a quiet time and place, and take it on a short ride. Sounds of rubbing, grinding, squeaking, etc. can be a good warning that there’s more maintenance needed, so if you’re in doubt, please bring it to the shop for assistance.

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