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EBike tips for winter

Oct 26, 2020 | News

Ebike tips for winter

EBike and battery care during the winter.

As colder weather approaches, some of you may begin riding a bit less or even consider putting your E-bike away for the cold weather months. Lithium-ion batteries are temperature sensitive and you should avoid exposing them to winter’s freezing conditions. If you are not going to use your E-Bike during the winter months you should remove your battery and prep it for long-term storage.

Here are some helpful tips about battery care during the cold winter months.

Bring your battery inside.

Leaving your battery in the garage while it’s cold may cause your battery to charge slow or not even charge at all. It’s best to store your battery in a cool, dry area, and avoiding temperature extremes will prolong the life of your battery. Ideal battery storage temperatures are between 40-70 degrees F, so room temperature is good.  If you are comfortable, your battery is comfortable too!  If you have a Bosch battery, check out these helpful tips for battery care: Bosch Battery care

Long-Term Storage

If you do not ride in the winter and want to put your bike away for the winter months, it is best to leave your battery charged between 40-70% and stored at 40-70 degrees F (I know, it’s so easy to remember 40-70 everything!). When your battery is being stored it’s a good idea to check the charge level every month or so to make sure it’s staying in the desired range. If it has dropped below 40%, charge it for just an hour or so to bring it back up to the desired level. You should not see much of a voltage drop on a battery that is not connected to anything and is stored in the proper temperature range.

Riding in the winter

Of course, you can still ride in the cold.  Lithium-ion batteries do not like extreme temperatures, but It’s okay to ride in the cold as the battery does generate heat when it’s operating. If you’re going on an extended ride (>1hr) in the cold, you may want to consider a battery jacket to protect your battery from long-term exposure to the cold. Always allow your battery to warm up to room temperature before charging and charge it inside at room temperature.  Do not charge a cold battery.

Keep your EBike clean

It’s important to keep your E-Bike clean during the winter too. Salt and water can cause the metal parts on your E-Bike to corrode and rust.  How often you need to clean your E-Bike depends on how much you use it and how it is stored. It is best to clean your E-Bike after a ride to ensure the dirt and grime does not set in. It is important to only use cleaning products that are approved for cleaning E-Bikes.

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