Over 130 Years of Quality

Ensuring a Joyful Ride for Years to Come

Gazelle is proud of their long history of producing the highest quality, most comfortable, and great-looking ebikes on the market and invite you to enjoy the ride with them. Discover Gazelle’s wide range of premium, durable, and delightful bikes to find the one that best suits you.

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Electric Bikes for Everyone

Gazelle makes bikes to suit every type of rider and riding experience

Gazelle separates their bikes into three main categories: Easy, Active, and Sportive. Each category’s bikes offer a unique riding experience, with key differences in seating posture, suspension, frame style, and more. 

Active Bikes
Easy Bikes
Sportive Bikes

Gazelle bikes have power, convenience, and reliability

Gazelle’s pedal-assist ebikes come in a range of styles, seating positions, and performance levels. They have the perfect ebikes to meet the preferences and needs of every rider.

Enjoy your ride to the fullest

Experience the joy of riding an ebike with Gazelle Bikes. Climb a daunting hill with ease, arrive fresh and relaxed at work with a carefree and car-free commute, or simply ride through the countryside to see where the road takes you.

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From our satisfied customers

All I can say is, “Wow!” The four members of the staff that I met were all four extremely friendly and service oriented! This place is open Sundays, the staff acted like they’d known me my entire life, I cannot say enough good things about Speedy Pete’s.

– Ryan S.