Compared to a traditional bike, an e-bike is heavier, stronger and more complex. Speedy Pete’s have skilled technicians who can help you keep your e-bike road ready.

We can inspect and tune your bike yearly, or twice a year if you ride regularly.

Top off battery charge whenever you have the chance. And conserve power as you ride, because pedaling an e-bike with a dead battery is best left to superhero types.

Keep tires properly inflated. An e-bike needs good footing underneath. Also, be sure you can fix a flat if needed.

Check brakes regularly. You want your e-bike’s stopping power to be a match for its pedal-assist power.

Regularly clean, lube and inspect your chain. E-bikes ask a lot of this vital link in the drivetrain system.

Battery Replacement

Since electric bikes tend to be ridden more frequently, at higher speeds and for longer distances than a standard bike. We recommend a good rule of thumb is to have a tune-up / check-up for your e-bike every six months if you’re riding actively or every 500 miles. Speedy Pete’s is happy to assist with any repairs and maintenance as needed.