Where to Ride

Wow, that’s a lot harder question to answer than what appears on the surface. Lincoln has a truly hidden gem in it’s vast, expansive and connected series of trails. Having ridden trails in other parts of the country, we have learned that Lincoln’s trail system is world class.  The variety of extensive trails right here in our own back yard, are a treasure to be enjoyed by locals and visitors of all ages.

My favorite rides vary from day to day depending on my mood that day. If I’m looking for solitude or quiet, then Jamaican North/Homestead Trail is a great option. My wife and I usually start at Saltillo north and head north from there. The cinder gravel path cuts through farmland, rural countryside and a slice of small town Nebraska as it skirts around Roca and Cortland, Pickrell continuing to Beatrice. This is a peaceful, quiet and less crowded section of trail that helps you unwind from the stresses of the day.

Another of our favorite rides begins at the Children’s Zoo on the Rock Island Trail and heads south through Antelope Park proceeding south to  the Copple YMCA and Southwest High School before crossing over to Tierra Willamsburg Trail and heading by South Pointe and back to the Williamsburg and Tierra Park Neighborhoods. This is a great ride through tree-lined neighborhoods mixed with parks, the zoo and a slice of suburban life.

Another great ride with an added advantage of less traffic is the John Dietrich Trail. Begin on the Billy Wolff Trail at the Children’s zoo, follow Antelope Valley to the John Dietrich Trail near the UNL Campus. This is a great ride that intersects a large portion of northeast Lincoln. Passing just north of east campus (UNL Dairy) and heading northeast thru the University Place Neighborhood with an eventual destination of Mahoney Park. This is a great out and back ride or we often continue onto 84th Street south from Mahoney Park to the Mopac Trail just south of O Street for another tree-lined trek back to the Billy Wolff Trail.

Lincoln trail’s system is quite a feather in Lincoln’s cap. With the planned additions to the system, it will only make our great trails even better. See ya on the trail.

Download a map of Lincoln’s Bike Trails: GPTN Trails Map