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It’s You, Only Faster

Specialized Turbo’s Specialized e-Bike Technology System delivers smooth, powerful, and silent pedal-assistance, as well as maximum range and superior connectivity solutions. Of course, every aspect of the system works in perfect harmony with the bike. And while it’s not an easy route to go, real innovation rarely is.

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A Ride For Every Rider

Seamless pedal-assistance, best-in-class range, and superior connectivity solutions so that you can ride farther, more often.

Active Full Power E-Bikes

A little more bike does a lot more

Since 1974, Specialized Turbo had one goal: Innovate and inspire to improve riders’ lives. So, when they developed their first electric bike in 2009, Specialized Turbo knew it had to ride and feel like a great bike first—something they’d really love to ride themselves.

The quickest way from A to B is E

Specialized Turbo wanted you to feel like you were on a “regular” bike, but that somehow, you’d grown superhero legs. Their core mission still hasn’t changed. It’s now, and forever will be, our promise for every Turbo: It’s You, Only Faster.

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From our satisfied customers

This place is nothing short of awesome! We test rode a few bikes and got the utmost help from the entire staff answering any and every question being our first e-bike experience! We will be back very soon and are grateful to have this shop in Lincoln! Thanks Speedy Pete’s!

– Jason F.