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The Beginner’s Guide to E-Bikes

May 22, 2020 | News

Cruising through downtown Lincoln on a bike is a breeze, but what if you could keep up with the stop-and -start traffic and arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat? These are two examples of why e-bikes are a good choice to add to your commute lineup.If you’re unsure of what type of bike to get, here’s a quick breakdown of the perfect starter-bikes so you can join the company of the other cyclists in Lancaster County. 

First, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to be using your bike for a quick, eco-friendly ride to work every day to take on streets, bike trails or maybe something more adventurous. E-Bikes are typically sorted into two different categories: Mountain and Road. 

Within those categories, there are three types of E-Bikes. These different options are known as “classes” and are based on the bike’s motor systems. 

Class 1: Pedal Assist

If you’re looking for a motor bike that gives you the experience of a conventional bike, this one’s for you. The Type 1 requires you to pedal to use the motor of the bike. The bike’s motor senses you are pedaling and starts to aid the pedaling effort. This class is usually the most affordable and the maximum speed for a pedal assist bike is 20mph.

Class 2: Throttle Only

If you’re looking to do the least while riding your bike, we suggest a throttle only bicycle. The motor on this E-Bike is controlled by a throttle. When you engage the throttle, the motor provides the power and the bike will propel forward while including a pedal assist. The maximum speed for a throttle only is 20mph.

Class 3: Pedal Assist 28mph
If you’re thinking of commuting to work, we recommend the Pedal Assist 28mph. This bike is the fastest out of the three classes, and you’ll have pedal assist until you hit 28mph. 

After you decide what type of eBike you want, we recommend for you to consider the different features and components E-Bikes offer. These components can range from pedal-assist levels to different accessories that can make your commute a breeze. Some of these features include different lighting options, racks to hold heavy loads, LCD displays that will let you know your motor’s battery life, smartphone features, and built-in security. 

Now you have a little more knowledge about where to start when looking for your first E-Bike, we recommend checking out our shop section to view all the different options of bikes we carry.

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