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Instant power meets gratification

The journey is just as important as the destination. Invisible technology, go-anywhere power, and confident handling. Low pressure aesthetic engineered with demanding precision.

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For those that are going somewhere, enjoy getting there fast.

Yamaha’s center drive systems use sensors to precisely measure your pedaling force, the bicycle’s speed and pedal cadence to add the right amount of power to the drivetrain.

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Fitness without Exhaustion

Discover the enjoyment of fitness without exhaustion on a Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle. With power assist, you’re in control of how intense you want the ride to be. Every ride is a customized workout based on what you want and how you feel.

Riding Hills with Ease

Don’t worry about that hill you’re facing, embrace it with power assist from Yamaha. Simply choose the assist level that matches your desired effort and enjoy the climb. Hills have never been this much fun to conquer.

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” The folks at the shop today were amazing! Seriously, I don’t post reviews often but I really liked this shop and their rental bikes are the best I’ve ever ridden (and I’ve rented a lot!). Wish I lived closer! Riding in Nebraska on their trail system here was a day well spent!”

– Karen B.